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Mermaids-Animal Planet
Ab Flyer
Bravo's- Inside the Actors Studio
Guest Dave Chapelle
Living Well with Montel
Genie Bra
Genie Zip Bra
Sounds of the 70's
Animal Planet- Animal Planet Report
Oppenheimer Funds Studio set
Epix- Boxing
First Union
KBAK Bakersfield
X Steps with Brenda DyGraf
Living Well with Montel
Living Well
Beauty Lash
2008 Presidential Candidates Forum-
2008 Presidential Candidates Forum-
Knockout Abs
Knockout Abs
Quest Awards
Essrx Master Set
Poker Superstars
Jack LaLanne Juicer
Kitchen Moments
News 12 The Bronx
Pentagon Channel
Soldiers TV
Air Force Today
US Navy
Young Woman's Apartment
AT&T corporate
US State Department
WXTV Encuentro
WXTV  Univision NYC
WXTV 41 Univision
Kraft Foods-  Food and Family
Press Event for Living Well
Pro Trainer
NJ Lottery
Colbert Report- Buddy Roemer
News 12 NJ
NJ12  News to Weather
News 12 LI Cablevision
News 12 Long Island
NHK Harvard Symposium
Johnson and Johnson Insight
Lowes Managers Report
Backstreet Boys-BBC Top of the Pops
New Zeland's TV 3
Dan Rather Reports- Campaign 2012
Tommie Copper
Lifelink Informercial
Insight-US Elections 2008
News 12 NJ Talk
Silly Slipperz Infomercial
Dogpedic 2016-07-31 13-54-15
Attune Relauch Video
Macy's Alfani Mensware spot
Sonic Vacumm Infomercial